So Far....

Adventures and Explorations ~



Greece - Experienced the "Sacred Triangle"- (The Parthenon in Athens -  The Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion, Attica Peninsula - Temple of Aphaia, Island of Aegina) Aegina, Poros and Hydra Islands.  Explored Delphi and Scuba Dived St. George's Arch off the island of Patroklos. 

England Germany Netherlands Belgium & Paris. Skied the Alps in Austria, Czech Republic, with plenty of Beer and noticable cultural trauma around the recent freedom from the "Iron Curtain" of the USSR.

Italy (Rome Florence Pisa Venice Milan Naples Sorrento Salerno Pompeii) Sicily (Catania Palermo Taormina Pozzallo) 

Switzerland, explored Zurich with chocolate by day and beer by night.

Malta: Visited the oldest man made structures on the planet, The Ggantija Temples & sailed around Gozo.

Middle East: 

Egypt - in Cairo I rode a camel, climbed around the Great Pyramids of Giza and meditated beside the Sphinx. In Luxor I explored the Tombs and Temples, rode in a Hot Air balloon at sunrise above the Valley of the Kings and sailed the Nile. 

At the Red Sea I Scuba Dived and Sailed a 16 foot Catamaran. I "Baksheeshed" my way into forbidden tombs.  Ventured to the heart of the Revolution, Tahrir Square, to see the protest during the overthrow/coup of Morsi.

Turkey - in Istanbul  “The Hippest City in the World”   I explored the Old City, Palaces and took a Turkish Bath in the Sultan's old residence.

 Central/South America: 

Mexico - Every state w/ special interest in Indian cultures, the Yucatan, temples & pyramids. Scuba and Free Dived the island of Cozumel. Climbed "Pyramid of the Sun" in Mexico City. Swam with Sea Lions, Slept on the Beach 10 Days in Baja.

Belize - scuba dived the worlds 2nd biggest barrier reef, swam with sharks and partied with locals... as usual.

Peru - Explored by land/air the Nasca Lines & other historical sites / the amazing open air Mummies of Chauchilla . Snowboarded the largest Sand Dunes in the Western Hemisphere. 

Ecuador - Dived/hiked the Galapagos Islands.  Took part in an archaeological dig. Ventured by foot into the Amazon. Was caught in a Border War and unable to leave the country for awhile.

Brazil - Traveled the coast of Brazil , experienced the Martial Art of Capoeira and stayed in the road-less Hippy Village called Canoa Quebrad (broken canoe).


Singapore - In Malaysia Visited most of the country & the Petronas Towers(tallest in the world at the time) 

In Borneo Stayed in an Eco-Lodge deep in the Rain Forest. Saw rare Primates but my search for the rumored Mammoth like Elephants came up empty. Vietnam, North & South with interest in American War history. Hung out with Doa Indians near border of China.

India -  

Hiked mountains, bravely drove the roads, safari in the interior, sailed the backwaters in a wicker boat, visited temples -  South from Madras to Cape Comorin (the furthest point south on the sub-continent where three Seas meet - The Indian Ocean, The Arabian Sea and The Bay of Bengal). North to Bombay and back across the interior to Madras.


South Africa - Safari, camped and celebrated Christmas deep in the bush 


Mozambique - Celebrated New Years Eve,  shortly after the revolution with stopover in  - Cape Verde.


Hawaii, Maui, Oahu, Kona. Stood at the edge of the Lava Flow on Hilo. Bahamas, St.John, St.Croix, St.Thomas, St.Martin, and Martinique. Free Dived Cozumel. Shark Dived Ambergris Caye. 

Stayed in a stilted Ocean Hut in Tahiti, only accessible by boat  or pier. Swam with dolphins in Moorea, Spent Christmas in Puerto Rico, got Irie in Jamaica and circumvented the Island in a two man sailboat.  Cliff Dived in Barbados.

USA/North America: 

Fishing in Canada, Surfing in Florida (Everglades Keys & Spring Break cities) In Ohio Performed as a Mime in The Columbus Arts Festival, toured Serpent Mounds, Rock & Roll and Football Halls Of Fame. 

Followed then fled from Tornadoes in Georgia. Gumbo tour of New Orleans, "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" Filming in Shreveport.

 NYC (& upstate) Niagara/Horse shoe Falls.

 Grand Canyon hiking/camping and working with the Havasupai Tribe. 

Hover Dam, Las Vegas & The Smokey Mountains.  

Remembered the Alamo in Texas. 

Worlds Fair in Knoxville TN. 

Enjoyed Chicago Blues, history & pizza (courtesy of the Oprah Winfrey show - Guest appearance).  

Drove a "triangle across America" one summer : North route West from Ohio to L.A / South route East from L.A. to FLA then back to Ohio.

The New England States with special interest in Colonial History. 

 I've visited most every State in America and once made law-book history and stood before The United States Supreme Court in Washington D.C.


Sweat Lodge with the Chumash Indians of the Central Coast. 

Skied the mountains, hiked the Verdugo's, San Gabriel, Santa Monica, Malibu & most of Catalina, including Scuba Diving the Kelp Forrest off the coast.

Griffith Park and LA River. Skydived over Lake Elsinore at sunset. 

Fire walked in the High Desert, went Bouldering/Rock Climbing in Joshua Tree. Spent weeks in the Back Country of Yosemite, Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Parks. 

San Fransisco - just because. Oakland - just because... Raider Games.  Numerous road trips up and down the coast visiting points of interest both historic & natural.   Piloted a plane above the L.A. Valley. Body surfed with dolphins at Zuma Beach.

Climbed the Highest Peaks in SoCal including the Tallest Mountain in the United States (continental U.S.) Mt. Whitney. Maxed out a NASCAR at the Fontana Speedway.

Attended: "Occupy Protest" in San Fransisco, Oakland and Los Angeles, Concert  and "Rally to Restore Sanity and or Fear" in Washington D.C. Marched in Iraq War Protest in Hollywood and spoke at Re-Legalization Rallies throughout SoCal.

Attended almost every Los Angeles Raiders home game.

Made Love on the 50 yard line of the world famous Los Angeles Coliseum! (where the Olympics were held, President Kennedy spoke, Super Bowls where played, and the Beatles performed; I too once scored). 

Two 4th of July's at Stings house in Malibu, Thanksgiving with Don Rickles and family, deescalated a New Year Eve's fight with Russell Crowe,  Almost had to kick David Carridine's ass at Barneys Beanery on St. Patricks day where I shot pool with Joe Walsh. 

Watched Superbowl XXXIV with Al Pacino at Rob Reiner's House. Partied with Brad Pitt on his 40th birthday (chef was Jamie Oliver). 

Thwarted a car-Jack attempt in Korea Town  (4 guys, 3 guns - me, wasn't really a fair fight)   

  I love NYC, and many other cities, but California has been very... interesting    -      

"The West is the best - get here and we'll do the rest" (The Doors)

Behind the scene experience at:
The Oscars (on the Red Carpet), The Emmys, The SAG Awards, MTV Movie Awards and Comedy Awards. The Governors Ball, Hollywood & Highland Groundbreaking and the Grand Opening, 

Bill Clinton's Presidential Campaign Speech, Fire and Ice Ball w/ Wolfgang Puck, numerous Fashion shows, Studio & Sporting events.

Observed and Enjoyed Tribal Elements of over 400 live concerts -  with a lot of Back Stage access.

Been on stage with -  Ozzy, George Thorogood and The Allman Bros. Performed alone on stage with Rodney Dangerfield for Animal Rights charity.